Friday, March 26, 2010

Single Stella 3 ^^

sienx....everyday this work in front of my eyes....cant disappear...

wat i can do?sleeping?chating?shopping?
sleep jor - wake up....boring day~
chating-no ppl diu 9 me
shopping-long time no shopping jor

today go back rawang ,when i c kelvin,he sure show his hand to me,and let me hug hug..
he look like tall jor and a bit fat fat him so much
ivan sleeping jor,cant disturb him,if not he will cry and lou gek..
bryan sit at the baby chair and eating to me and call me gugu...hapi^^

cant on9 at there,becoz kelvin sure scold me and say me no accompany..he show me his toy and ask me to buy a new for him...of coz i will buy to him...becoz he my lover kelvin...

half an hour ...we go sleep together...almost 4 something,i wake up and eating some rice then go back bremmall and sit sit at there,chating with my manager ...watching pps...

rain stop..time to go back home...walk in my bedroom,straight sleep until 10pm...


26 March 2010

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