Sunday, April 21, 2013

Welcome Back To Lavender Stage~

Finally I'm back !
1 year more din update my blog,maybe I really forgot I had a place for myself.
Or when I stress or emo only I will come? I confuse ...
Blog Title Single 33 till now, I'm still single...Speechless

Change a new job around 7 months, I feel myself learn more accounting knowledge,
even last time secondary school my account exam are fail!!!

I'm tired. I'm really tired.
Sometimes I reflection, I feel I'm CHANGE,but ... No,my attitude still same.
Based on record, I'm the person easy angry and I will scold ppl when im out of control,
but now everything I'm also endure,that is not me. I'm fake?
I'm try to control myself ,silent is a good choice.
I wish to correct it,but everybody know ATTITUDE are not easy to change within 2
or 3 days,maybe after a few years also same. 江山易改,本性难移

Sleep sleep sleep,
Gd nitez
Stella 21/04/13

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